International Consultancy

Harlette is available for consultancy in areas of lingerie, training and strategy. You can read about Harlette’s consultancy for Reem Asaad in Saudi Arabia Lingerie Campaign in Thomas W Lippman Saudi Arabia on the Edge

Key Note Speaking

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Harlette is a member of the Portobello Business Centre and has has production for the collection through studios in London (UK) and Sydney (Australia). Harlette has consulted with companies globally. In addition to lingerie, Harlette is a certified infotainer, trained by Joel Bauer, who has trained Bill Clinton, George Bush, Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen. She has made appearances on the BBC & Britains Next Big Thing read more on Harlette’s IMDB profile contact Harlette directly to discuss any requirements.

Special Projects Team

We are always happy to collaborate with companies that want innovative design with a difference, please contact Harlette directly to discuss any requirements. if you would like Harlette to commission a design for your special project.

The Dream Team

The Dream Team at Harlette include the acclaimed, David Jones from David Jones Luxury Fashion Consulting in the UK, a pattern cutter with a PHDÂ (whose was trained by her mother who used to make garments for the British Royal Family) and a wonderful group of ladies that have been making bras for years. The team also includes a specialist consultant that is available to solve the tricky issues when commercially manufactured, intimate foundation does not appear to fit. A new addition to the team, we have couture creators in London and most recently France for new production and collections.

Luxury Objet D’art

Harlette was recently awarded an innovation patent for the collection privee piece from Harlette Platinum Label the exclusive invitation only Platinum Lingerie Concierge Service listed as the 5th most unique service for customer globally by the Economic Times. As part of the Luxury Objet D’art range, created using Diamonds and Platinum lingerie features, this accessory has received the innovation patent. It is invitation only to view the Harlette Platinum Lingerie Collection. contact Harlette directly to discuss any requirements.


The Expressen newspaper in Sweden us to write a debate on philosophy of Braconomics™ that was translated into Swedish. Braconomics™ links the world wide resurgence of the bra around the world, with the DD bra wars in the UK and the Lingerie KSA campaign in Saudi Arabia, where women will fight for their rights not to be overcharged or receive less than acceptable levels of service for lingerie. Harlette assisted the Lingerie KSA campaign by training the first women in Saudi Arabia, as before the laws changed men sold and served women lingerie. Harlette held a ground breaking two week master-class in The Art of Selling Lingerie. Lingerie KSA Campaign creator Reem Asaad, and the director of Harlette also talked with Radio New Zealand on the campaign and the lingerie training in Saudi Arabia.

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