Harlette Pearl

It is whispered through the siren calls of mermaids catching rides on dolphins & whales that we are indeed living in a new Great Age of Pearls.

Revered for their exotic beauty and allure, pearls enchant us with their immaculate shape, miraculous inner glow and mysterious outer iridescence. For thousands of years, Pearls have been highly regarded as gems beyond value in many cultures; they have captured our collective imagination, coloured our personal dreams, warmed our hearts, decorated our homes and bejewelled us. No one knows how Pearls were first uncovered, making it a subject of many legends, stories, myths and fairy tales.

The most valuable Pearls occur spontaneously in the wild, but they are extremely rare. Pearls symbolize perfection and completeness of the soul, richly rewarded in Paradise. Many believe in the power of Pearls to give peace of mind as well as strength of body and soul.

So the story goes

“Cleopatra wagers Marc Antony that she could consume the entire wealth of a country in a single most expensive dinner in history. As the queen sits before an empty plate and a goblet of sour wine (i.e., vinegar), Marc Antony reclines bemused, wondering how Cleopatra intends to win the bet. Cleopatra removes one of her magnificent pear shaped pearl earrings  – worth 10 million sesterces, the equivalent of thousands of pounds of gold – and crushes it into her goblet. When the pearl dissolves in the strongly acidic solution, Cleopatra toasts Marc Antony’s health and drinks down the wine. Astonished by this act, Antony declines to drink his own dinner – the matching pearl earring – admitting that she had won the wager. After Cleopatra’s death the remaining pearl was taken to Rome, halved and placed on the earlobes of the statue of Venus in the Pantheon.”


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