New 4K Media Project: Shot on 4K

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Harlette are writing and producing a pilot 4K reality TV show called IT GIRL Lingerie

International Swim Fashion Week 2015 – Harlette Swimwear

Tickets are on sale to join the show from the beginning on the Island of Curacao, in the Caribbean 12th march 2016 through Eventbrite for producers that would like to join the show from and take part.

Harlette would like to invite sponsorship partners, development funding partners to the island to take part in the creation of the show.

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Harlette shows in Paris during Salon International de la Lingerie and Mode City, please email us to enquire about these shows


Harlette Investments welcome confidential discussions with individuals/venture capitalists/companies please email


Harlette Brand Licensing welcome confidential discussions with individuals/companies who are interested in obtaining master exclusive licenses for the with a exclusive and very unique, Harlette brand please email

Who We Are Looking For

Parties who are interested in the agreements outside of the United Kingdom, with each master agreement and financials would be specifically tailored for each region.

Film & Television

We are always happy to collaborate with production companies that want innovative design with a difference please email if you would like Harlette to commission a design for your Film or TV project, you can view Harlette IMDB profile by clicking here

Why Harlette

There are many luxury lingerie companies…but only one with diamond and platinum suspender clips! listed by the economic times as the 5th most unique service to customers globally.

Harlette is the only precious metal and precious stone suspender garter clips concept in the world and has successfully patented the new suspender clip design.

The Harlette brand receives coverage of Harlette’s unique designs. National and International radio, TV, newspaper and magazine appearances, as well work with celebrities and Lingerie Campaigns. (To view a range of National and International press please click here.)

When Harlette enters a new territory, PR is a vital part of the story. To view the launch of our collections in Paris please click here.

Our Difference

Harlette has always aimed at offering a high quality product with the main emphasis being on offering genuine luxury products. Our lingerie sets are of a premium quality, made with 100% originality, sourcing French, Italian, British, Australian and Swiss fabrics matched with precious metals and precious stones. For this reason, we partner with companies and individuals who share our ethos and mission.

In essence, Harlette offers a range of genuine, quality lingerie products which will enrich people’s love lives and take their lounging time to the next level. This strong ethos is supported by the international face of Luxury Lingerie with patent’s for removable, decorative suspender clips.

Our Difference

Our mission to ‘Harlette the World’ sets Harlette Luxury Lingerie on a path to connect with lingerie lovers in all corners of the globe.

Special Projects Team

We are always happy to collaborate with companies that want innovative design with a difference please email if you would like Harlette to commission a design for your special project.